Using Digital Frames in the Classroom

1. Display images from field trips, class activities, field day, etc.

2. Display images of students during special projects

3. Promote books in the library by using book cover images

4. Display vocabulary words and definitions for week

5. Display math facts, followed by the anwers

6. Display a vocabulary word, followed by an illustration for science and/or social studies topics

7. Foreign language teachers: display the English word, then foreign language translation on subsequent slide, or use images and foreign terms.

Digital Frames: Tips

1. Name each image before uploading, otherwise, they will show up as Image1, Image2, Image3, etc. This is fine if you only load one time. However, the next time you upload, the numbering will start over. You will risk replacing existing images.
2. Most digital frames automatically alphabetize images if they are named with letters.
3. If you want your images in a certain order, you will need to name your images carefully:
a. Create a keyword for each image –such as “Wonders.”
b. Number the image directly beside the keyword. For single digit numbers, be sure to add a zero in front of the number. Example: Wonders01, Wonders02.
c. If you don’t do this, when you get to double digit numbers, you will have a break in your images if there are other images or sets of images on your digital frame.

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