Fabulous Freebies You Can't Live Without!


Dropbox provides online storage that syncs automatically to any computer upon which have have it intalled. you can also access Drobox over the web or through your Smartphone, iPad, or Droid device. Always have your files at your fintertips! (Freeware)


DROPitTo.Me allows you to securely receive files from anyone to your Dropbox. It is a separate app that works hand-in-hand with Dropbox by creating a DROPitTo.Me folder in your Dropbox. Your students can easily submit papers, PowerPoints, or other projects to your dropittome folder.

Freemake Video Downloader

The Freemake Video Downloader downloads video to your computer and allows you to choose the file format you need before you download. It also allows download from Facebook, Vimeo, and many other video sites. Just paste the URL for the video into the downloader and click download. (Freeware)

Freemake Video Converter

The Freemake Video Converter downloads to your desktop and allows you to convert your videos to a different format. Do you need a "Flash video to insert into your Notebook file? Use Freemake to convert it from WMV to Flash. Do you need an MP4 file or Flash video converted to WMV for PowerPoint? Freemake Video Converter is the tool you need. (Freeware)


Jing is the perfect way to enhance your Smart Notbooks, PowerPoint presentations, or handouts. Use Jing to take screenshots and capture an image of what you see on your computer screen. You can also record up to 5 minutes of onscreen video. (Freeware)


Incompetech is a great site for copyright fee-royalty free downloadable music. the only requirements are that you give attribution and that you not profit from what you use. To access the music, go to http://incompetech.com and click "royalty-Free Music." You may search for music by genre or "feel." (Web-based)

Plagiarism Checker

To use this plagiarism checker, please copy and paste your content in the box below, and then click on the big green button that says “Check for plagiarism!” then sit back and watch as your article is scanned for duplicated content.



TodaysMeet is a great free app for backchanneling. Participants may offer feedback, ask questions and make suggestions by submitting a comment using a specific URL generated for a meeting. TodaysMeet channel for Techie Tuesday: http://todaysmeet.com/ttuesday.


Zamzar is a free web-based video converter that does not require a download. Us Zamzar to convert all kinds of files: video, sound, images, e-Book formats, and documents. (Web-based)