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"A glog is like a poster, only better!"


Glogster PPT

Glogster Handouts

Literary Glog Lesson Plan, 11th Grade

Glogster Play & Practice Page

Glogster allows the user to upload:

  • Text
  • Titles
  • Hyperlinks
  • Images
  • Video files such as YouTube and SchoolTube
  • Audio files such as podcasts
  • Video and audio files captured from a webcam


Learn to Glog

John F. Kennedy

Reading Practice Glog

Year Round School

LA Young Readers' Choice

Books that Bite

Literary Glog Project

Louisiana Digital Immigrants Glog

The Chambered Nautilus

Classroom Glog Projects

Step Back to the Romantics Wiki

It's Revolutionary Wiki
**http://itsrevolutionary.wikispaces.com** (5th Period)

Glogster, Advanced

Handout: Setting an Image as the Glog Wall

Handout: Using DocStoc to Link Additional Content to a Glog

Sample: Document Uploaded and Embedded through Docstoc

Mardi Gras

Using CamStudio to Embed Voki, Blabberize, or other HTML Videos You Have Created


Quick Guide for Using CamStudio

Camstudio Tutorial (PDF File)