Image Generators!

Using images in creative ways to enhance the curriculum and classroom projects. Use images from a digital camera, webcam, or images from the internet.

Big Huge Labs
Use BigHugeLabs to create mosaics, jigsaws, magazine covers, trading cards, postage stamps, motivational signs, movie posters, calendars, etc. Use these creations as report covers, in powerpoint slides, as writing prompts, etc.

Magazine Cover Generator

Maya Angelou

Magazine Cover Generator
Trading Card Generator

Jigsaw Generator
Speech/Thought Bubbles using Captionizer

Movie Poster

Big Huge Labs, Movie Poster.jpg

ImageChef has additional templates and image generators. Find animations, frames, license plate generators, flags, sports banners, political buttons, etc.

personalized greetings - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Old Newspaper Generator
Sign Generator
Ornament Generator - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

License Plates

Street Sign Captions

Disk Image
License Plate Generator
Sign Generator

Red Kid Sign Generators
Great source of signs--everything from alphabet soup signs to cartoon and cereal box character signs. There are many signs available here that I have not seen on other sign generators.
Horton the Elephant.jpg

Glass Giant
"Wanted" posters, customized breakfast cereal boxes, chalk board messages, neon signs, etc. There is also a photo collage maker, which is blocked at school.
Image created at
Keep Reading Rebels.jpg
Cereal Box Generator
Neon Sign Generator

Fodey News Clipping Generator and other generators

Clapperboard Generator

News Clipping Generator
Production Generator

Technology Rocks.gif

Animated Flag
Animated Gift Box

More Image Generators
Hundreds of additional image generators are available through this link.

13 Free services that give your digital photos special effects. No accounts needed to create or embed images. Accounts are required for saving to your computer. Enjoy special effects such as photo to sketch, Rubik's cube, "museum" photos, lego-ize, weaves, photos inside a photo, etc.

This site has an incredible number of photo frames, cool photo effects, photo editing software and funny photo editing options.

Super array photo effects, photo frames, photo stickers, funny effects, and face-in-hole effects.

Create fake "text message" conversations. Great for writing dialogue between characters, historical figures, etc.

TEXTANIAnimated Text:

Notebook Magic.gif

Collage Makers (Free or Inexpensive)

http://photovisi.comCreate collages instantly using these collage templates. Totally online, no downloads, no account required. (This site worked better in FireFox.)

Microsoft AutoCollage Maker

This was free for teachers, but now the free version is a 30-day trial. It may be purchased for $19.99. If you have Windows 7, it is already on your computer. The newest version allows several options, such as the ability to select a central image.

Molly the Pony


Artensoft Photo Collage Maker
Create professional photo collages using Artensoft Photo Collage Maker. The software will allow you to create mosaic collages automatically with options for sizes and levels of details. This is a wonderful to create unique gifts for your friends and family members. I read about this program on the Giveaway of the Day blog, which I access through my Google Reader subscriptions. Artensoft is offering this software free for one week only! Use the link to find out the details! Use this link to see examples.

Image Editors

Microsoft Office Picture Manager

Microsoft Office has a built-in image editor which can be used to remove red-eye, crop, add special effects, etc. To use the image editor:
  1. Right-click on the unopened image
  2. Slide down to "Open With"
  3. Choose "Microsoft Office 2010." Lower versions of Office, choose Microsoft Office "Picture Manager."
  4. Your image will open in the editing program.
  5. Select "Edit Pictures" from the top of the menu.
  6. You will have options to adjust the color, crop, rotate and flip, or remove "Red Eye."
  7. You also have the option to resize or compress pictures.
  8. Be sure to RESAVE your edited image. (I usually use the same name and add a number after it, such as "Dr. Seuss.2") This way, you will have your original image and the edited image.

Completely web-based. No software to download. You don't have to create an account.
Three levels of editing:
  1. Open Pixlr Editor (Advanced)
  2. Open Pixlr Express (Efficient)
  3. Open Pixlr-o-matic (Playful)

Apply changes to an entire image or part. Resize, create a mirror image, crop, zoom in or out, adjust color balance, enhance the color, straighten an image that is "askew," correct "red eye," add doodles, fun effect. Completely web-based, no download or accounts.

If you were a fan of Picnik, Ribbet is exactly the same service. This service is free and no sign up is required. There are many, many premium services that require an account, but the premium account is free. Fantastic options!
Horton the Elephant.jpg

Use BeFunky to edit an image or photograph, add special effects, or frames and borders.
BeFunky_Cat in the Hat.jpg

Quick Picture Tools

This site offers 12 simple and easy online image editing tools which will allow you to create: embossed text, wallpaper calendars, multiple picture wallpapers, rounded corners, stripe frames, printed photo, combine images, embossed line frames, line frames, blur edges, add text or crop images. The interface is easy to use with good explanations.

More Image Editors, Drawing Tools, etc.

Images, avatars, fonts, and colors

Silhouette Clip Art

Arthur's Free Silhouette Clip Art