SmartBoard Summer Seminar

Summer Seminar, Day 1

Agenda, Day 1

Summer Seminar Notebook, Day 1 PDF

Best SMART Resources, 2013

Random Name Chooser, Lab 1 Notebook

Random Name Chooser, Lab 2 Notebook

Summer Seminar, Day 2

Agenda, Day 2

Summer Seminar Notebook, Day 2

Copying a PDF File into Notebook

Freemake Video Downloader

Freemake Video Converter

Using the Notebook Video Recorder to Create Tutorials

Voki: Creating Avatars

Summer Seminar, Day 3

Agenda, Day 3

Creating Rich content with Animoto

Web Resources

Summer Seminar, Day 4

Agenda, Day 4

Summer Seminar Notebook, Day 4

Adding Rich Content with Wordle

Character Sketch, Harry Potter Wordle

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