Webcams in the Classroom, Basics

A webcam is a digital camera designed to take digital photographs and transmit them over the internet.


Handout for Webcams in the Classroom

Sample Webcam Video

Use your webcam to embed video on a glog!

Logitech Webcams with Avatars

Sample video created with logitech webcam and logitech avatar

Other Sites to Use with Your Webcam

These sites will work with your webcam to provide additional avatars or special effects for the images you have taken with your webcam.

Webcams in the Classroom: Skype


Handout for Skype

Recent Skype Udates

  • Auto sound check: "Check settings" button in the call toolbar will chek the microphone, speakers, video, internet speed and rate the overall call quality. The sound check shows up in the right-hand corner after you select a name to call.
  • Share screen: You may now share your entire screen or a portion of your screen while skyping. NOTE: When screen sharing is completed, you must turn video back on. To do this, use the drop-down box underneath "Call" and select "Turn video back on."
  • Most commands, such as "Call," "Video Call," "Share Screen," "Share Selection," and "Hang Up," are below the "Call" dropdown box.

Skype Groups

To create a Skype Group:

  1. Go to "New" and choose "New Group Conversation." An "Empty Group" will appear on the right-hand side.
  2. Click "Save group in Contacts" button. Name and save your group.
  3. Locate and select your new group on your "Contacts" list. Your group name will appear on the right.
  4. Drag and drop names from your "Contacts List" into the group.
  5. Call the entire group by selecting the name of your group in the "Contacts" list.

Sharing Contacts:

To Share Contacts:

(You may share and send contacts in Skype if they are online.)
  1. Select the person to whom you wish to share contacts.
  2. Go to "Conversations" > "Send" > "Contacts." A window will open listing all of your contacts.
  3. Use the checkboxes to select the contacts you wish to send.
  4. Click "Send."

Other Skype Links:

  1. Skype an Author (wiki with authors willing to Skype with classes) ****
  2. Vicki Davis on Skype (includes a 10 minute video)
  3. Visit Skype in Schools: ****
  4. Elementary Web 2.0 Project: When Donkeys Fly **** (Uses wikis, Skype, VoiceThead, etc)
  5. TeachWeb2 Wiki:
  6. EducSkypers Phone Book (educators may register here to connect with other teachers and eduators interested in using Skype.
  7. Eisenhower Middle School Skypecasts (Blue Ribbon School)
  8. Skype with Call Graph ****
  9. Interview someone on your Skype list using Call Graph to record your conversation.
  10. Go to:
  11. 50 Awesome Ways to Use Skype in the Classroom
  12. Third Grade Class Skypes Around the 50 States

Avatars to Use with Skype or Other Applications

PPT Presentation of sites for creating avatars Mini-Me: Creating a Digital Presence Online


Skype with Call Graph

Webconferencing with DimDim

DimDim is totally web-based. You must download Screencast plug in on initial use.
  1. Invite a group to videoconference with you about a topic you are currently discussing in your classroom. How could this be useful to you?
  2. Invite a group to discuss how DimDim could be used among administrators, teachers, or students.

Food for Thought

  • The standing advice for achieving success in staff development activities has always been, "Work with the Living." Doug Johnson says in his book Machines are the Easy Part: People are the Hard Part, "We can no longer afford to only work with the living." What are some ways we can entice these teachers to integrate technology into their classrooms? Skype with a partner about how we can work towards achieving this goal.